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Look at this guy, straight from a horror film, but man does it love burgers, get this funny creature now at your local pet shelter in Detroit Michigan for only 20 smackeroos.

- Quote from satisfied Grinlin User.

The Grinlin is a natural evolution of models that we know and remember fondly. These creatures have a natural appetite for burgers, it's the whole reason they are on this Earth! They believe that their huge mouth's ability to swallow a burger whole gives them a purpose to eat more burgers.The first pioneers came to this world because they won the Deus Ex Machina: Human Revolution Rustler Microwaved Burger contest to win an action filled trip to Detroit. That's right, every Grinlin on this Earth comes from Detroit Michigan.

Join the discord!

If you would like to know more about this model and the species, ref sheets, model and future updates, feel free to join the discord! There will be a channel setup for people to share Grinlin edits and other files, verification of gumroad purchase is quick and easy!

What is included in this package:

Standard Grinlin

  • FBX
  • BLEND (2.79b blender)
  • Substance painter file!
  • QUEST version

BUNNY Grinlin

  • FBX
  • BLEND (2.79b blender)
  • Substance painter file!

*the Audiolink map and the emission map were a combination of both substance painter and touchups in photoshop.


Hypno eyes

Hypnotunnel from the preview image

Hypno follower that follows a person's head

HexaGold 2 ( is put on the hypno follower

InOut ( is put on the tunnel and on the eyes. This can be edited to your liking

Both shaders have been converted, edited and appended by Koda and me.

Big Chomp

The Big Chomp is kind of its staple, this time around I wanted proper control of such a mouth. When one turns on Big Chomp in the menu it will turn off normal visemes and let you speak elmo style, but you can also chomp by using the right trigger!

The Grinlin's mouth is very impressive, sporting an array of bones that will enable you to further tune any animations on top of the (number) blendshapes the avatar comes with at base.


The physbones are setup to be very immersive. It is a little hard to capture in a summary but here we go:

By doing a cross pose over your chest and doing the "Hand Open" gesture, this effectively toggles the claws. (left hand touches right pec, right hand touching left pec).

The toes have physbones on them with a floor collider.

The Hood can be dragged over a Grinlin's face, this works immersively, you can see the inside of your own hood! This also turns off any Hypno you are currently doing. There is also a button in the menu to reset the hood to default if you're in desktop mode.

There are certain sound effects for the Peace and Finger Point handgestures. If you turn on Sound Contacts in the Setup Menu, it will trigger the sound to come out whenever you touch other people's colliders. You can also trigger these Peace and Finger Point sounds by doing one of them in 1 hand, and doing a Fist with the other (legacy way of doing it). With contacts on, the avatar feels really nice, you could high five people by touching their hand!

Install/how to use/vrchat:

Have the recommended Unity version for vrchat (currently its 2019.4.31f1)

XSToons (Xiexe's Toon Shader)

VRChat SDK 3.0


What can you expect of me:

Message me in the discord if you want a different species represented in the grinlin, just like the cat and bunny one. I'm currently thinking the next one will be a bird or something like that!

Rules or whatever, this stuff is tiring to write, just don't do anything wrong and you'll probably be okay. Here's some obvious stuff:

DON'T share these model files in any way unless both parties have bought the model.
DON'T do commissions for this model unless both parties have bought the model beforehand.

DO make public pedastals/make it cloneable for VRCHAT.
DO ask me about anything outside of these rules, I am very reasonable!!

-Quantity 1+

  • Hypno mode
  • Bigass mouth
  • Open species
  • Expressions and Gestures
  • Customizability
  • Discord (Sly Looking Bastards)
  • Hypno modeLOCKED IN
  • Bigass mouthPRESENT
  • Open speciesINCORPORATED
  • Expressions and GesturesEMOTIONAL
  • CustomizabilityINTRINSIC
  • Discord (Sly Looking Bastards)


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